Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15 2015

Samantha kitty shows us how to flatten out to stay cool when it's 80 degrees out!  

Here we have captured new guest Pablo as he realizes the door of his condo has been left open for the first time.  

He contemplates making the leep out. 

And he's off to explore!  

Clovis is an athletic jungle kitty!

Skippy John couldn't wait to get outside this morning.  

Fiona and Eiger are never far apart. 

Wilson just arrived and boy is he a happy-go-lucky guy!  

Meet Indy, our expert flopper.  

It's rare to see an Apple-Face Siamese like Mia today opposed to the variety with the elongated face, but they were prevalent in the 1950's.  

Badger is snug as a bug in her tent.  

Puss n' Boots.  

May found herself a place to cool down in outside.  

Jezebel in her basket.  

Grace in Tabby stripes, beautiful as always.  

Aussie in mid nap.  

Did you know that Percy not only holds the title of the Wold's Cutest Kitten...

He's also World's Most Elegant Flopper!

Wally says, "STAY COOL!"

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