Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25th 2015

Kitties are super mellow in this summer heat.  It's remarkably quiet, despite the fact that we have a full house! 

Ariel loves to camp out in the window box.  

Tuck found himself a nice, high-up perch.  

Tarn found herself a shady spot as well.  

Pretty Ohagi just arrived yesterday and she's explored every inch of the room so far.  

Catamaran is glued to her window seat.  


Emma brought a bed from home.  

Lola is very proper cat.  

That face!

Poke and Mowgli are Gemini twins...

Both are expert floppers!

Sophie loves having her picture taken.  

My, May, what big paws you have!  

Maggie is chatting us up again.  

Little Penelope is right at home in the outdoors!

Poncho, could you be any flatter?! 

Mia has completely flattened out in this 80 degree weather.  Even her paw is flat.   

Samantha kitty has been with us a long time but she's welcome to stay here forever!  We're going to miss her!

Aussie's on the move again.  

Mossimo is just the nicest guy...

Mowgli has really warmed up to the place!  

Kitty Angel knows that the coolest place to beat the heat is in the bookshelf.  


Summer always pops out of her basket to say hello.

May says, "Make it a great day!"

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