Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7th

Lars has been super helpful with all the computer work!

Beautiful Fiona is back again!

Sweets remains living up to her name!

Gus has gotta soak up all that sunshine!

With all that fur Roxy is staying out of the sun for sure!

Lars even keeps the seat warm for me! What a pal!

At Sally's age you've earned napping all day

O-ho looks like I woke up Lulu in a surprise!

Arina is perfectly relaxed just where she is!

Emmie is such a goofball! I will miss her so much when she goes home!

Igor givin us a rockin' pose!

Ziggy the same mellow fellow as ever

Lady Penelope decided to be super cute for the camera!

Its way too hot for Lily to be outside!

Badger knows a thing or two about takin' things easy

Oh my gosh, why is Samantha so pretty!

Enzo, keeping our entrance safe from intruders

Indie remains one of the chillest cats around

Emmie followed me outside!

Sometimes you gotta take the cats perspective

Samantha loves the sun as much as everyone!

Last but not least Mr. Oliver has a sweet spot out on the catio!

Blog today by Miles, overjoyed to be around all the finest felines!

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