Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3rd 2015

All of our lovely guests are getting along nicely on this sunny Seattle Wednesday!

Badger prefers to spend her afternoons outside in the Catio.

Sweets is such a sweetie!

Pudge loves a good chin-pet!

Percy is such a dandy!  He's always so polite and on his best behavior.  

Indy has taken a liking to the wicker basket in his condo.  

Pudge goes on patrols of the perimeter several times a day just to check things out.  

You get that scratching post, Mossimo!

Bella has settled in nicely during her first stay.  

Igor looking demure.  

Mossimo looks sleepy.  Did I wake you up?  

Sam is always a gentleman.  

Thanks for looking!

You're blog host,


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