Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5th 2015

At All My Kitties we don't need a thermometer to know it's 80 degrees out today... We can tell by how flat the cats are!

Badger must be an outdoor kitty because that's where she wants to spend all of her time.    

Igor stretches across the cool of the tile floor.  

We find Sam in the same perch as before.  

Indie's keeping cool today.  

Percy likes to venture out but he always pops back in his carrier!  

Doesn't Bela have the most beautiful green eyes?

Sweets and her security blanket.  It must smell like home.  

Lars and Roxy are double-decker kitties!  

Lulu is a furry little muffin.  

Samantha kitty attempts to climb the greenery.  

Oliver is snug as a bug inside his carrier.  We've been told it's his favorite spot at home as well.  

Emmie is a darling one and she's already made herself comfortable.  

Gus found his way to the window box and that's where he spends the majority of the day.  

That Emmie is a curious cat!

Have a great day!

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