Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10th, 2015

Theo thought it would be an excellent idea to jump on Ellen's back and eat her hair


I found a zonked out Louie looking mighty warm around the softest blankets ever

Joey looks like he needs another nap to nap off his nap

Baby volunteers to model for us

A natural.

Zoey is the perfect lap cat

Our long time guest Puss'n Boots lays claim to his thrown

McClane decided to be an adorable napper today by showing us his fluffy belly

Snuggles for Beatrice!

Lenez looks like she could use a caffeine boost 

Her sister Molly gets down with something shiny

Ben is such a gentile boy with a big heart

Such a doll

Scooter was rather annoyed that I attempted to entertain him with something shiny

Attack mode! Rawr!

His brother Skeeter was equally unamused. Sorry, boys!

Welcome back, Tana!

Petting Peter to sleep

Lady Penelope had made a new home for herself

What a face!

Kashi is looking very regal and mighty

Oh, Noodles, we love your facial expressions!

We love our wide eyed, pink nosed boy!

Sweet Suzy is brand new and snuggles with her toys. What a beauty!

Tana has lots to say this afternoon

Our lovely little Lily is back!

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