Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 21

Catamaran is nice and cozy in bed

What a sweet face! Kona is too cute

Cleo peeks out of her carrier to say hello

Max finds the wicker baskets to be most comfortable

Gabby. queen of the castle
Miss Boo is just the sweetest

Louie is too handsome!

Zoey and her brother Joey just went home today. We will miss you both!
Sadie looks like she's contemplating life 

Lucy, you HAVE to teach me how you do your eyeliner. 

Costello rolling...

and flopping for attention

Columbus practices his upper body strength 

What's that look for?

He's such a curious little guy.

Duke showing off his amazing coat

Muffin is such a sweetheart

Smokey guarding his basket

How beautiful is Sooshy?

Leopold enjoying the crisp weather

Duke, get out of the trash!

Miss Suzi also went home today. Goodbye sweet girl!

Lestat is too cute
Aurora's not sure what to make of this toy

It sure does make a great hat though!

Ivy is more into play time than fashion

Dana sniffing at the toy
Louie just wants to play!

Brianna getting some cuddles. 

Have a great weekend everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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