Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23rd, 2015

Each week we seem to have a new Kitty who decides to take over as out office assistant.
This week, it appears to be Miss Boo, who has been hard at work with duties.

Those duties include head scratches and constant rubs against the desk

Love the big green peppers on Catamaran

Jubilee's happy place is located under a desk

Found you, Max!

Cleo prefers the top bunk

Chilling out is Dana's favorite activity

Briana just has the softest fur you could imagine!

Aurora works it for the camera

"Is this my good side?"

Louie crawls out of his cave 

Sadie says, "You woke me up for this?"

Gabby is just awake enough for a photo

But not for long/

Kona takes a break from all the talking she did this morning

Ivy, you are so lovely

Lucy has a coat of many colors

Josie is a sleepyhead

Smokey and I had a staring contest. He won.

Costello speaks Cat to me

Muffin came out to play

Columbus and Costello duel it out for the toy

Got it!


Leopold lounges around

What a darling

Was looking for you, Duke!


Cougar is back, and never leaves us for long

Nice tux you've there, Lestat!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay warm out there!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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