Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16th, 2015

Kona is always such a chatter box

SO much to say!

I think I caught Zoey a little off guard here

Sophie knows how to work the camera

Louie gone wild!

Cutie pie face!

Joey looking ferocious 

Gotta have it.

Can't get enough of Sophie's adorable face

Noodles pokes out to yaaaaaawn!

Climbin' on down

Check out that bod!

Is the struggle real?

Silly goose!

Little Suzy finds solace in her favorite house

Good afternoon, sweetness

There you are, Ben!

What big green eyes you have

Soaking up some pets

What are you doing hiding back there, sweet Aziza?

Baby in her Zen state


Miss Boo is a lucky one, getting the loves from Ellen

What a looker you are

Her sisters Dana and Briana join in

We love you!

Hope you're all attempting to stay dry on this soggy and stormy November day. Until next time!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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