Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28

Saturday night almost live at All My Kitties

 "You talkin' to me?" says Hershel

 Dana loves hanging out on the shelf

Sadie has tucked in bunny paws.  

Max and Cleo like to be on top of the condo.

 Coco is so sweet and quite by day, but at night she's a fierce night stalker.
 Smelling something interesting Lucy?

 Leopold and Josie sharing quarters by choice.

 Mia is such a gentle kitty.

 Poncho is camera shy today.

Cougar is always ready to be a star.

 Diablo loves surround himself with lots of color.

 Cleo looks like she has an attitude but she is the sweetest kitty.

 Our little masked kitty Maggie.

  Smokey is very tired.

 Muffin is putting on a little display for us to show us how adorable she is.

 Jackson is enjoying the cool but clear outdoors.

Sooshy is runny away from the gardener.

 What and adorable photo of Lincoln.

Gabby just cattin' around.

Rosie looks so comfy.
 Ms. Boo loves to surround herself with texture.

Sweet Brianna

 Catamaran loves to watch.

Popo loves our new Thanksgiving and Christmas only suite.

Another sweet picture of kitty Lily.

Wally found a new cabinet in our holiday specialty suite

Your weekend blog host - Marie

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