Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4th, 2015

Noodles! We can't even begin to express how cute you are

Theo is in the zone

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Quorra is a cuddle muffin!

Zoey and Joey compete for the toy

Watch out, there's a Baby on the lookout!

"Om nom nom"

Does it taste like cat food?

Aww, Sam! You always take such a great photo

Beautiful boy

McClane is a fluffy ball of fluff

Gigi demands rubs

Playtime with Frankie and Gigi

I found Peter hiding in another cat's carrier

Dolce was faaaaast asleep

Dolce is a fine looking little lady

Sleepy head siblings Molly and Lenez awake to the site of a toy

Marley is just the best!

We love you!

Beatrice says "Let me get back to dreaming, please."

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