Sunday, November 10, 2019

November 10

Rainy autumn weather has us feeling cozy!

Monkey is still rocking the Halloween vibes,
|even in November. 🍂

Autumn has the perfect camouflage! 

Brody, our resident shy guy. 

Chairman Meow's view from the top!

Just getting help around the office...

Ditto is just adorable. 

Guaro enjoying a quiet afternoon. 

 L.E. givin' us full sass! 👢

Luna just saying "hi"!

The Marvelous Miss Mavis.  

Muffin is indeed sweet like her name. 

Noodles, gettin' cozy. 🍜

Ditto and Oliver are buddies. 

Sweet Panqueque. 

I'ts a party in condo 10A!!!

It's definitely hard to tell Pepper and Dexter apart. 😹

Remi on his way to the top!

Saoirse is always a reserved sort of lady :) 

The famous Toes of the amazing Toby!

Tubs has the sweetest expression. 😻
Stay dry out there!

Maddie and the All My Kitties Team

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