Monday, November 18, 2019

November 18th

Hobbes in the head honcho around here!

Ditto is always accepting of affection.  

Tux just arrived for his first visit and he sure is a cutie!

Fifa appreciates her blanket from home.  

Olive is rolling on the ground laughing.  

Simba goes from dignified cat...

to silly beans... 0.25 seconds flat!  That's a new record!

Ubele is a lovely girl.

Ditto is a member of the big paws club.

Venus, Goddess of Love. 

Stretching out!

To say HI!

Who's dat cutest kitten? 

Tacotta, of course!

Mavis always looks so relaxed.

Welcome back, Kodiak!

Oliver's eyes glow in the dark.


What do you see up there, Lila?

It's your TOY TOY!

Marvelous Mister Remi. 

Venus assumes the petting possition. 

Zolo watches the sunset from the catio.

The lid just got pulled off of Chloe's cabin.

Wipe that smirk off your face, Jinx!


Lovely Lila.

Brody just wants a comfortable basket. 

Remi, looking rather tall today. 

Nice to finally meet you, B-Boy!

Lila's being a brave girl and taking a turn about the room.

So much to see!

Bella, baby!

Lila lights up the room!

Luna says she's a catio cat, thank you very much!

B-Boy is a good boy!

Slim little Cersei can fit in the narrowest cracks.

We like your cool digs, Geno!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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