Wednesday, November 20, 2019

November 20th

Ubele is the elf of the shelf!

Awe-inspiring Olive.

Fifa is excited to see us!

Stepping out to say hello.

Great to see you again, Penny!

Splendiferous Simba.

More pets, please!

Tux's coat is luxuriously long.

Lila is a sweetheart.

Goodness gracious, Goose is a cutie!

Everyone has been commenting on what a nice, BIG cat B-Boy is!

The lovely miss Autumn.

Kodiak and his powderpuff paws.  

Dearest Jinx.

Lila checking out the cat tree.

Frankie just arrive this morning.  

She's already busy exploring the catio.

Hobbes, the Great and Powerful. 

Opulent Ollie.

You're going home today Chloe and we are going to miss your fun-loving antics.  

Brody likes it in the shadows.  

Geno is a darling boy!

Insurmountable Cersei.  

Jamie running to say hellow. 

Bello LOVES to flop and roll for attention.

Lila and Bella checking eachother out.

B-Boy is the best boy!

Ollie appreciates a cozy basket. 


Tacotta couldn't be cuter.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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