Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Novemer 5th

It's election day and kitties are excercising their civic duties by voting!

Amazing Mavis.

Intense looks from Jinx.

Remi loves the outdoors!

Panqueque is so quick that it's hard to get her in frame!

Looking good, Jinx!

Cougars on the search for some fun.

Macha is a sweety little butterball. 

Mochi gives us a wink.

Larger-than-life Lucki.

Howdy, Jinx!

Cougar is a wild animal!  And a very friendly one! 

Adorable Remi.

Kashi's nose is all tucked away when he sleeps.  

Toby Toes is a handsome boy, and a sweetie!

Tana stretches out to say hello.

What a pretty girl!

Ditto is really quite the cat.

Tubs is a gentle soal.

Arya's eyes shine like jewels.

Muffin just got dropped off for the first time.

We can already tell she's a good girl!

Playful Ditto.

Mochi loves everybody!

Thanks for looking.

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