Sunday, November 3, 2019

November 3rd

Salutations from Jinx and Maddie!  

Remi looking relaxed.  

Panquque is a blur of energy!

Pretty Mavis. 

Merci stepping out of her basket to greet us.  

Kashi's bengal half is apparent.  

Tana says, "Take down the holloween decorations?  Never!"

Cougar just got the lid pulled off his cabin.  

Adventurous Lucki. 

Macha picked out a new condo to hang out in.  

Doesn't Aguardiente have the sweetest face?   

Mr. Blue running some laps around the catio. 

Rocky is satisfied with his condo assigment.

You're going home today Riley!  We'll miss you!

Arya has a  big personality!

Sleepy L.E.

Saoirse is a sugar lumpkin.  

Mochi says, "Make it a great day, everyone!"

Your blog host,

Maddie and Allison

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