Tuesday, November 26, 2019

November 26th

Kitties are getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Heyo, Jaime!  

Lovely Autumn.


Esme getting some fresh air in the catio. 

Stanly is king of the hill!  

Bountiful B-Boy. 

Jaime loves following the camera around.

Roo and Autumn are getting along great.

Chloe can admire the view from her window box.

Great to see you again, L.E.!  

Saoirse is the cutest little mouse.

Fabulous Fifa.

Olive trying out new spots all around the room.

Sensational Leo. 

Juno has the softest paws.

She loves to grab fingers. 

Nom nom nom!

Aussie is a good ol' girl.

Goose says her breakfast was lip-smacking good.

Apollo couldn't wait to jump on top of the condos.  

Flirtatious Nyx.

Mona is a fluffy white princess. 

Bayley told us that she wanted to board in the office and is very satisfied with her new condo assigment.  

Happy you could join us for the holiday, Jubilee!

Octane is back in her favorite spot again.


Friendly Stanly.

Esme is a cutie!

You guys are cool hanging out together.

Riga lives for the outdoors.

B-Boy is nice and cozy on a heated bed in the catio.

Cougar calls dibs on this cabin.

Bear pops out to say hello.

Snuggle-puss Lila.


Millie has the run of the catio.

B-Boy securing the perimeter.

Lila on the move.

Curious Bear.

Orca just got dropped off and she's already warming up to us. 

Sensual Cersei.

Mack is a sweetie-pie. 

Brody appreciates a quiet shelf to call his own.

Ollie, baby!

Splendiferous Simon.

Peanut Butter is a gentle soul.

Darling Dollie.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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