Monday, November 28, 2011

DeeCee is a sound sleeper!  I draped this blanket over him and he didn't even stir!

Miles & Niles just arrived!

DeeCee is awake, now...

And feisty!

I seemed to confuse Artie by petting him...

But he soon began to enjoy it.

One of the Abby twins goes cross-eyed at the camera!

The flash is quite bright!

Smokey is bug-eyed!

Ohhh, he's fascinated by Artie's tail!

Blurp! A little tongue pokes out.

Aussie snuggles down.  Just earlier she was trying really hard to get into the food room!  I am skilled in diverting cats from that room, though.

Pistachio is a big kitty.  You can gauge cat-size by the floor tiles!

Nyar found somebody's leftovers!

Slurp! Yum.

Here's Chief!

He has a built-in windshield wiper.

Clean-nosed, and ready for the day!

Kitten Sophia is picturesque in the sunlight.

Philbert is in the exact same spot I left him.

Same with Cirrie!

The Abyssinian don't sit still for a minute, though!

Jaime is in her favorite spot.

Uh-oh!  Discovered by a rambunctious kitten!

Zezou is always in the same spot-- that is, two steps behind me, meowing!

(Such innocence)

Sophia really knows how to work the camera.

Misty gets out to soak up the sunlight.

Thanks for reading!  See you next time!
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