Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who's this, lurking behind the file cabinet?

Why, it's DeeCee, of course!  What a playful kitty!

Lulu pokes her head out to greet me.

Artie looks dashing against this blue backdrop.

(He knows it!)

Lady P is a little grumpy on her first day back (yesterday).

I bet she's all bark and no bite, though.  But I'll keep my hand out of the lion's den, just the same!

Here's a special "cat's-eye-view" of something enticing!!!

Bartleby!!!  Hey!  Up here!  Not interested?

Lulu?  How about you?  No?

Zezou steps up to the plate!


The new kitten Sophia did a great head-waggle to follow the path of the toy, but she didn't really try to attack.  Her head waggled so wildly that I wasn't sure if she was actually following the toy or just waving her head around for fun!   

Smokey, how about you, will you play?  No, he's in staring-contest mode.

Jessica will play!


Zezou, what a nice robe!

"Thanks, it's designer!"

The two Abyssinians are so pretty!

Look at that shimmering coat.  I think they know they're pretty.

Nyar just got here and already she's flirting!

Yana is not quite sure yet-- she's standing guard until she knows everything is safe.

Tinkerbell & Jaime are roomies!  They know how to make the most of their condo.

Pixel mugs for the camera.

Bumper is picture-perfect.

Chaussette investigates.

Sophia doesn't know how to use the cat door, apparently!

"Hey!  Don't leave me hangin'!"

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Your blog host,

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