Friday, November 18, 2011

Deecee sits atop a condo and observes the other kitties down below.

What do you see, Deecee?

He sees me!

I think he's really trying to look at Butterscotch.

"I am Artie, hear me ROAR!!!"

Max is unimpressed.

Jessica says "Can it!  I'm trying to nap, here!"

Sky meoooooows!

And as usual, he jumps to my feet as soon as I offer attention.

Sabrina watches from her high perch.

Haji... or Taji?

Taji?  Haji?  (They're related... can you tell?)

Chloe & Lulu have made friends!  They're bunk buddies!

Edgar is camera-shy.

Cirrie has a funny meow, which starts with a gargle sound.  Kind of like the french "rrrr"--- and always ending in a question.


Marie's cat Charles wants out when he's in, and in when he's out!

Bartleby climbs in the high places.

Bela is a cozy-cabin fan!  Who isn't, really?

Muggins likes this basket.  He's almost always here, or on a lookout perch with a good view.  Funny how all the cats have their different tastes.

Rudy likes the view, too!

Have a good day!  See you next time!

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