Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bartleby's Birthday

" Let me tell you a story about a cat named Bartleby," says DeeCee

 You see today is Bartleby's birthday and someone stuck this silly decoration on his collar.

 Guests arrive and admire his birthday attire.

 THEN the birthday tuna fish cake arrives. 

 There are four candles, one for every precious year of his life.  "Watch out Bartleby.  Not too close."

 Condo neighbor Artie watches all the festivities from above and dreams about his birthday.

 Who else is coming to help celebrate?

 It's Luna, and she wants a piece of cake.

 Zezou just helps himself.  No way, scram cat.

 Finally, Bartleby sheds that silly collar ornament and dines on his own special cake.
  I hope he doesn't get a tummy ache from all that tuna fish.

 Hey, it's his birthday.  No one cares if he wants to eat off the floor.

 Now what to do with this silly thing?

Hey, I know, I'll just attack it. 

 Take that!

 And that!

Killed it.  Party's over.



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