Monday, November 21, 2011

DeeCee is on the prowl!

Abbott makes himself cozy.


Gabby likes her condo.

Funny kitty, lickin' her chops!

Zilla is a basket-case!


Butterscotch is a flirt!  :)

Artie rests his head on his paws.  Very sweet.

Lulu will try to get into your cats' carrier when you come to pick them up!

It wouldn't be so bad to take her home.  She's sweet!

Aussie is also very sweet.

Zezou always makes this face for photos, silly guy!

The Marchi cats have a new addition: Sophia!

What do you think, Pistachio?  Jaime?


Pixel is interested.

Chloe has looks and personality!

Oh, very charming, Chloe.

Pixel meets Sophia!

Maybe they'll be friends!

Bartleby, don't you know how to use the cat door?

Jessica watches (with eyes closed) from above.

Smokey REALLY watches, like he means it!

See you next time!
Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Your blog host,


  1. Yay! Aussie made the blog. It's very nice of you to call her sweet since I know how grumpy she can be :-)

  2. Awww so good to see Lulu while we are away :)