Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Lulu!

Pippin & Jack Black both went home, but I wanted to show you these cute pictures of them wrestling!

Pippin breaks free---

Jack Black looks a little dejected.

Pixel arrived today!  She's a sweetie!


SPROING!!!  There goes Mac!

Up to a high perch!

Muggins prefers the warm cozy cabins!

Lulu found a secret stash of somebody's leftover food.

Rosalyn is new, but she's not too timid!  Before I took this picture she was out at the front of her condo meowing at me for attention!

Her siblings are a bit more timid, and are seeking solace in each other.

It's so cute to see them cuddle... but isn't it a little crowded in there?  :)

Sky is a meowy cat, too!

And he loooooves head pets!

His sister Sabrina is very happy to have new fresh water.

Sky is very happy to have a person to rub his nose on!

Jessica is happy to have a nice cozy basket.

Max (who looks a lot like Mac, coincidentally) is good at yoga.  Downward dog!

"Thanks!  I take pride in my yoga skills."

His brother Rudy is a shy guy.

But it only takes a second to get him purring!

Max spies Sky--

Not interested in socializing, I guess!

Deecee has the cutest pushed-in nose!  Can't help but want to touch it!

See you next time on the All My Kitties blog!

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