Thursday, May 3, 2012

 Maddie has been gone for a few days and I am very behind in the blog photos.  So sorry.  Here are scads of kitty pictures.

 Parson is attacking the green feather toy from the comfort of his basket.

 Kayley and Sally are close by to observe.  I think Kayley want's to join in the fun.

 I've put a few treats outside of Parson's basket to coax him out.

 Hey!  Don't bite the hand that feeds you Parson.

 Nefertiti watches from her condo across the room.

 Agent Orange (or AO as we call him) is just the funniest kitty.  He has a very flat nose and makes a kind of snorkeling noise when he eats.

Oh look!  Here comes Parson.
 And he's finally out of his basket.

Pose for the camera Parson.  Don't look so cross at me.

Tiger decides he wants to see what's going on.

 Tiger loves his condo and basket, but at night he sneaks outside to the catio.

 Humphry just came to All My Kitties last night.  He's a gorgeous young Maine Coon cat, but he's not quite sure what to make of the whole situation here.

 His neighbor Hannah also is getting acclimated.

 Mucia comes out of her condo.  She hisses at everyone, and then runs back in.  The experience is new to her too but I know she'll figure it out in about a day.

Oh my goodness, we have another new cat.  This is Coco and she's not quite ready to come out of her carrier yet.  That's ok Coco.  Take your time. No pressure here. 

 OK, this is just a carrier crazy day.  This is Smeagol.  It's so hard for customers to get their kitties into the carriers and now they just won't come out.

 At least Chili Pepper has found the heated outdoor cat cabin.

 Eru knows how to be comfortable. It's raining outside, but he's snug as a bug in a rug (or in this case, a basket).

 Brother Taiku is such a clown.

 This is Peach.  She has the most marvelous ear tuffs.

 Sister Serena is so full of energy.  She entertains everyone.

 Ms. Wilson just takes it all in.

 Cookie hangs around the cat door.  She's finally got the hang of it.

 Brother Crook longs to go outside.

 But he's got the cat door all figured out.  He goes in.

 He comes out.

 He dances around but hears a plane overhead...

 and decides to go back in again.

 Charles (Marie's cat) is taunting the boarders from outside the cattery.

 "Let me in," he says.  "I know there's food in there."

 Zoe checks him out from inside.

 "Who is that crazy cat?" she says.

 But she doesn't really care.  She just rolls around and looks cute.  She rolls this way...

 She rolls that way.  "My little paws are so cute, you'll just have to love me."

 I took the lid off the cat cabin to look at Chili Pepper's beautiful blue eyes.  I think he was a little surprised that his hiding place was exposed.

 Meanwhile Mucia seems disinterested.  No hissing for now, but don't push her.  

OK, one more cat carrier.  This time it's Sabrina and it's not even her carrier.  What's with you kitties today?
Tomorrow hopefully no more carrier shots.  

Your blog host, 

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