Monday, May 7, 2012

Sky watches Cookie the kooky kitten run around!

Pi is elevated.

Pi and Sky... Pie in the Sky, By and By?  Oh my...

Hannah is being swallowed by a giant purple blob!

Humphrey gives me a sidelong glance from his hidey hole.

Serena embodies her name, thoroughly enjoying the warm weather.

Smeagol (true to his name as well!) hides in a cabin, even when the sun is out.  Hello, in there!

Chewie gets to know Peach.

Chomper isn't ready to explore quite yet.

Taiko would be exploring, but the basket is too cozy warm.

Crook shows off his belly.

Eli just arrived today and surveys the scene from the safety of his carrier.

Oliver is out inspecting the corners of other kitties' condos.

Coco has such big pupils, and fits into such tiny spaces!

Pi & Eru share the cat tree today.

Taiko hangs out inside, watching Cookie and Crook get up to some mischief.

What are these two doing?

There goes Crook, into the crack!

"Oh, hello, Sky!  Want to play, too?"

Parson is a grumpus!  But we like him anyway.  We know he secretly loves us.  Right, Parson?

Agent Orange is lost in thought.  He looks like he's thinking about math...

Moku is so excited about petting, his eyes go buggy!


Nefertiti is a beautiful queen.  So pretty and regal!

Kiki snuggles down in her basket.  She knows the drill-- she's been here many times.

Mucia takes a trip to the outdoors!

It is pretty nice, isn't it!

She's still making up her mind... she's a creature of comfort!

I hope you enjoyed today's photos!
We sure enjoy your kitties, and all their different personalities.
Come back soon!
Your blog host,

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