Monday, May 14, 2012

Ok, Mucia already left yesterday... but I couldn't resist posting this photo!

Daisy says:

"Thanks for the treats but..."

"I prefer to get them from the source."

He spots another kitty!

"Hmm... maybe I'll stay up here where it's safe."

Sky stretches and yawns as she wakes from a nap.

Aussie is a cozy kind of kitty.

Taiko is obsessed with this box.


Eru makes good use of the sunshine.

Lulu does, too!

Costello is so happy about being petted he gives me the lick of approval.

Abbott yawns.  Bored?

Costello lolls about.  What a cute, funny guy!

Muggins always goes back to his condo after a day of exploring.

Oscar says "Bye guys!  See you next time!"

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