Monday, May 21, 2012

Wade is proud!

Wynona is proud of her ability to shred a catnip toy.

Wade snoozes in the pagoda.

Chloe went outside and discovered a special new friend.

A catnip-filled tube!

"Can somebody stop the room?  I'd like to get off!"

She looks pretty content!

Aussie has a tender moment with the scratching post.

Then the post says something rude and deserves a slap.

Artie reminds me of batman for some reason...

Frank is a member of the CPC (Clean Plate Club!)

Lopo is a sweetheart!

Who's this little ewok?

  DeeCee of course!  And his trusty sidekicks emerging from the shadows...

Pippen is young, but brave!

Ringo goes out to watch the rain.

It sure sounds nice on the cattery roof, doesn't it?

DeeCee has found a special hidey hole.

Lulu, caught in the act of lickin' her nose!

What is Cali looking at?

Oh, just Artie-- that crazy cat!

Aussie watches their shenanigans from above.

See you next time!
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