Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sophie lounges on the floor.

Nellie comes out to explore!

She likes basking in the sun on the windowsill.

Her brother Silas loves to be petted!  What a sweetheart!

Bella & Ella hang out on top of the condo.  This is the favorite spot for many cats!

Well, hey there, Bella!

Wade is so good at standing upright!

Aussie knows that through that door is where we keep the food.

She can't get it open, so she waits and hopes that I'll do it for her.  No such luck, Aussie!  Sorry!

Malachi looks like he's coming in for a head-butt!

Phoenix goes out for a frolic!

Nyar and Yana really make good use of all the climbing structures.

Jack Black and Eru are in cahoots!

Jack Black is watching Marie's poodle wander around the yard.

"Are you sure that's ok?"
Yes, don't worry Jack Black.  She is a very nice poodle!

Milo has a secret hideout in the bookshelf!  I think I would go there if I were a cat.

Smokey meets doorstop cat.

Holy cow!  I didn't notice how long those whiskers were until seeing this photo!

To Chloe, the outdoor catio is old news-- she explored it the first couple of days but then eschewed it for creature comforts!

Josie is actually awake here... no matter what I do I can never get a photo of her with eyes open!

Rosabelle, where did you get that lovely coat?

Jessica is a nap-monster!  She is a sweet girl.

Sassafras says HELLO!!!

She knows which condo is hers, and defends it from intruders!

Twyla scarfs down a shrimp cocktail!  She is a fancy cat.

But not too fancy to lick her lips!

Alvin is very calm in his little windowsill pod!

Come back next time!
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  1. Thank you so much for posting a picture of our dear Alvin, who is being boarded for the first time. Didn't think I'd worry about him but did, very reassuring to see he's using the window porch. --Mike