Friday, May 18, 2012

Taiko is blissed out after a brushing session.

Cali is excited to explore!

Then she decides to take a little rest.

Aussie scopes out the situation.

Not distracted by petting!

"What's that?!?  Oh... my tail..."

She inspects the walls for their integrity.

DeeCee would rather play than work!

Young Pippen comes to say hi when I approach with the camera.

Well, hello to you, too-- cutie!


Lopo is curled up so tight and cozy!

Lulu checks behind...

Then around the corner...

Then down...

She decides it's safe!  (To make a bolt for the basket.)

Moonie, like his namesake, presides over us all.

Samson always keeps his chin up and his chest out!

He is the strongest cat in the world!

Come back next time!
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