Saturday, May 12, 2012

This kitty, Agent Orange, just went home today, but he is so cute sitting here visiting with Cordelia that I just had to post the photo anyway.

Agent Orange, in the pink!

Cookie lunges for the camera...

You can see she's ready for action today.

Crook creeps around...

And is surprised by Sabrina butting into the frame!

Max is a stand-up guy.

Muggins likes to sleep the day away.

Sabrina asks for some attention.  Whisker fireworks!!!

Eru admires the greenery.

Sky plants herself smack dab in the middle of this rug.

Eru couldn't be happier with weather like this!

So happy he can't contain himself!  He's just gotta roll all around!

Aussie just got here and is reorienting herself.  She found a nice private spot to get adjusted.

Mucia snuggles up in a fluffy bed.

Chomper holds down the fort. 

Jackson LOVES the sunshine.

Unfortunately, he abandoned his poor friend!

Oliver hangs out with Lola.

She's been here before.  She'll teach him a thing or two about how things work around here.

She explains:  The number one rule of All My Kitties is; 

be as lazy as possible: you are on vacation!

He's starting to get the hang of it.

What a sweetie!

Daisy (a boy!) just arrived yesterday.  He is a bit shy still but obviously warming up.

He is a sweetie who likes to be petted.

Kiki is such a dear.

Nefi is feeling like a wallflower today.

Abbott  has staked his claim to the top of condo 3.

He is getting the royal treatment!

See you next time!
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