Monday, May 28, 2012

This photo I think is the winner for the day.  Ella, Nellie, and Siras ALL crowd into a window box.  Seems a little cramped in there!

Alvin has claimed the office chair!  Where am I supposed to sit to write the blog?

Bella looks like she's pretty comfy!

Twyla is sharing the condo-tops with her.

Gabby meows as she struts around the room.

Sassafras loves her basket!

Josie says "Don't you get it?  I don't want my picture taken!"

Malachi doesn't mind, though.  He loves the camera.

Phoenix didn't notice the camera...

Am I seeing double?  Wynona and Milo have become buddies!

Who's that, creepin' around?

Oh, just Smokey!

Well, hello there, cutie!

Rosabelle basks in the sun.

Nyar can't help but flop over sideways when you get near to her.

Jack Black waits below...

Oh!  Never mind, up he goes!

He's gonna try to get Nyar's tail hanging down!

Whoops, missed it...
" how do I get down from here?!"

Who's that?

Oh, I see Wade peeking at me!

Yana, you're not the first cat to realize those cabins double as good scratching posts!

Jessica chooses not to go out and play today.  A nice nap is in order!

Until, of course, she notices me lurking behind her.

Time to go find some privacy!

Today is a good day to take a nice siesta on a blanket in the yard.  I hope you are all enjoying the sun!

See you next time.
Your blog host,

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