Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29th

Memorial Day kitties have all gone home but we still have oodles of photos for you.

 Twyla actually came down from her condo top to cuddle up to these pillows.

 "Dinner was lip smacking good," she says.

 What's this?

 Twyla is surrounded by her favorite toys.

 Fraggle looks like an owl with those big golden eyes.

 Maggie is having a great time batting at this mouse on a string toy.

 Molly is not impressed.

 Lady Penelope thinks it's hysterical.

 OK, get ready for the pounce.

Just a couple more whacks.

 Teddy and Bentley like hanging out together on the cat tree. 

 Chlose cleans up after her dinner.

 Chomp, chomp, chomp.  I hope those aren't fleas Chloe.

 Nope, Chloe is a clean, flea free girl.

 Aussie demonstrates a little drop and roll for us.


 Bentley has a try at the drop and roll too.

 Chloe sharpening up.

 Aussie dreaming of a great yard escape.

 Social hour.

 Oh my, all the kitties are dropping and rolling.  Now it's Chloe's turn.

And more sharpening.

Would you like a little catmint Chloe?

And more socializing. 

 New kitties Sam and Bonnie are just settling in.

 This is pretty cute of Poppy.

 Her roommate Smeagol likes the comfort of his cat carrier.

 The feather toy comes out for Vivian.

 Chew, chew, chew.

There won't be much left of it after she's done with it.

 Mittens, are you protecting that little piece of kibble there?


That's all folks.

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