Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20 and 21

Nighttime at All My Kitties.

Chloe posing as the painting behind her.

Brody enjoying the night.

Kaplan checking out the night time surroundings.  

Chloe's excited about the dark too.

Streeeeeetch! Molly =) 

What's going on over there, Poppy?

Chloe and Brody hanging out together.

Molly explorin'.

Chloe looks so pretty next to the plants.

Looks like it's passed Molly's bedtime.

I don't know how this is comfortable but according to Kaplan, it is.

Poppy's surprised by her own tail.

Rufio making his way downstairs.

Walking fast (...kinda...)

Faces pass

And I'm home bound.  
(Sorry about the Vanessa Carlton, =) I couldn't help myself.)

Molly settling in for a nap.

No kitties but here's a nice outside view of the cattio!


Aussie's so cute.

Leo all comfy in his carrier.

Brody and Chloe took their friendship to the next level.

Bentley's having a good time.

Marie's kitty, Shiloh, is distract- I mean, helping me pull paperwork.

Look at that face! What a cutie.

Aziza hiding in her hut.

Rufio and Aziza making friends.

Atticus is such a handsome fellow.

Such a sweetheart, Leo, making himself more comfortable.

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  1. Thank you for taking care of my sister's kitty Poppy. I am excited Poppy is having a great vacation at your kitty hotel.
    THANK YOU!!!! Poppy's Auntie Danielle