Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18

Sweet little Poppy. =)

Aww, Chloe looks so happy here.

How handsome is Rufio?

I woke Molly up from her nap. Sorry! 

Brody enjoying the comfort of his carrier.

Cougar sure likes this spot.

Silly Cougar!

Frankie looking around.

Not that I don't appreciate your love but... What are you doing Frankie?


Bentley looks like he's floating on a cloud.

Hi Costello!

Aziza has found her favorite spot again.

Martha really likes it under the sink for some reason.

Abbott agrees, the sink's where all the cool cats hang out.

And now Aziza wants to get in on the party!

Something smells good!

Mittens and Chloe making friends.  Funny how the two fluffy gray tabby girls found each other.

Abbott is forced to play by himself.

He seems pretty happy though.

Got it!

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