Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9

Coco always looks like she's trying to investigate something.

Aww, Roo! He looks so happy here.

Hi Gatana! You've got some lovely whiskers.

Hugo has decided that where ever he is, he really likes these little houses.

Rupert scoping out the downstairs.

Pretty little Mia =)

The Siamese's are making friends! Minka and Stanley.

Minka =)

Istra, sweetie, I don't think that's how the scratching post works.

Precious Junebug! She's such a little doll.

Ghost Rupert!

Settie hanging out in her little hut.

Stanley's debating whether or not he wants to go outside.


Aww Mittens getting some shut eye in the fresh air.

Skippy Jon

Bentley staying warm in one of the outdoor houses.

Istra is such a curious little thing.

Kitty train!

Rupert plotting his escape.

Uh oh.. I don't know how to say this but I think we lost part of your cat...

Skippy Jon settling down for a much needed cat-nap.

Isn't Minka gorgeous?

Stanley trying to figure out what these crazy cats are doing.

Mia and Gatana



Coco's pleased with this new spot she found.

Rupert's been following me like a lost puppy all morning =)

Istra attempting to be stealthy.

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