Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23

Mmm, something smells good right, Kaplan?

Aziza watching all the kitties play.

Atticus has the most beautiful eyes.

Bentley really loves this bed.

No, don't jump Aziza! =)

I've never seen a calico with this much orange. 

Maggie is gorgeous!

Leo loves his condo.

According to Atticus, the litter box is a great place to just hang out in.

Our greeter, Bentley.

Brody in his favorite spot outside.

Something caught Kaplan off guard. 

Bentley again.

Molly approves of all this attention.

Atticus and Leo =)

Now Aziza wants to hang out with the boys.

Aww Aussie's got such a sweet face.

Bentley posing for the camera.

Aussie's captain of the stairs.

Poppy has discovered this new corner and loves it!

Sorry to disturb you Chloe!

Kaplan and Aussie are besties now!

What a cutie!

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