Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18th

Bella, you're supposed to sleep in the kitty hut, not behind it!

Lady Tchiang looking like royalty in her royal purple bed.

Oops, I forgot it's Chloe's nap time. Sorry to bother you, sweetie!

Chewie sure looks comfy in his little hut.

Newcomer, Hazel, is still getting used to the place but it settling in nicely so far.

It's okay, take it easy Pi, you've had a long day of being adorable.

Bentley enjoying this cool summer day.

Lopo's having a sleepy day today.

Zezou is so proud of himself!

Aww, Igor hanging out in her hut.  She even moved some of the bedding so she can have a pillow! 
Smart kitty.

Unlike his sister, Igor, Pudge is not interested in any of the bedding.  He prefers the wood instead.

Frankie lounging around.

Sam peeking out to say hello!

This is Frankie's "Upset because she's not getting enough attention" look. 

Comfy enough, Lopo?

Philbert in his favourite spot in the whole cattery.

Frank has some pretty wild whiskers!

Frankie really does not like the flash on my camera. Sorry dear!

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