Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20th

Baby kitten! Her toy is bigger than she is!

How am I expected to get any work done with this sweet little thing here?

Baby Esmeralda.

Hi Bella!

Kuro in his favorite spot.

Peanut has the greenest eyes ever.
Kali looking over her shoulder at me. She's so pretty.

Mmm. Chloe chowing down on some food.

Frankie observing all the kitties.

Igor trying to get my attention.

Fraggle is sleepy after our intense play session.

Frankie is such a cutie!

Lady Penelope taking a nap.

Igor getting ready to jump!

Lopo loves this spot.

Aww Bentley looks so cute.

Frank loves his chin scratches.

Hi Sam! You sure look happy today.

Igor has been having a wild time today!

Pudge sure loves his chin rubs too.

Streeetch. Look at those hind feet!

What's over there?

Frankie and Igor are a great team!

Fraggle, still so exhausted.

Sweet Millie is all tuckered out too.

Igor and Pudge are such awesome cats. =)

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