Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2

What a perfect day for Venus to be enjoying some fresh air and sunshine 

Mia is a little confused as to why the sun is gone.. 


Settie sees his medicine coming.. 

and YUCK is it nasty..  

Lopo taking the lead!

Aussie came out to greet us at the top of the stairs :)

nothing seems to bother Koa.. what a laid back cat!

Settie's favorite spot :)

quite possibly one of the  best cat nap positions.. Aussie looks quite comfy and sprawled out!

And then there's this sweet girl Flo!

reaching for the camera 

Gracie knows how to ask nicely for a treat

Frankie is not happy with how we made her bed...she prefers rearranging it herself

Millie :)

Stanley and Bentley hanging out on one of the cat trees..and then there is Mia in the background very intrigued by the water hose going off outside 

Gracie and Mojo bonding in a condo 

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