Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Dexter! He's new here :)

Pepper feeling right at home! and she really seems to love her new buddy Dexter!

Rainy caught something!

Grey Wacke and King Fergus! 

Sasha :) Seems perfectly content spending her fourth of July hanging out in her basket 

Flo really grabs for your attention..

Beau never seems to change! Always up to his charming self 

Flo and Beau make a great pair!

Stanley always speeding off to the camera! 

perfection, by Gracie.

The "i'm sorry" look.. aw Mia!

Minka found her favorite toy.. she can't resist the catnip!

talk about a laid back cat; Millie. 

Jessica :)

Ms Wilson found just the right spot to look over everything 

Just a few of Spark's awesome faces.. 

this would be Stanley standing on his two legs, begging for a treat! What an awesome guy 

Settie intrigued by the water pitcher.. 

a little more curious..

then full on goes for it! Paw fully submerged. And people try to say cats don't like water!!

It sparked Aussie's interest too... :)

We have some patriotic kitties too! Here's Koa. 

Macy also loves her stars and stripes :)


And to end the day, Venus :) 

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