Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's still a party here.

I always liked dressing up so I couldn't help wrap a boa around Flo.

 She loves it especially while playing with a peacock feather.

 She's such a girly girl.

 Thank you for your email asking to see more photos of Flo.

 Frankie's people like to see lots of pictures of Frankie girl too.

We taped this feather stick toy to a cat perch and her prey drive is in full swing.

 Get it Frankie!


 Here's our best girl Ellen loving up Stanley.

 I took a few pictures last night and woke up Grace.

 Flo was outside looking for nighttime critters in the yard and then spies me.

 Pepper and Dexter love their own beds brought by their people.

 King Fergus certainly acts like royalty.

 I love the big bushy tail on Chief.

 Lots of side flops of kitties, starting with Beau.

 Then Flo.

 Nice hair cut Eliza.

 Finn has discovered cat mint in the garden.  Yum yum yum.

 Did I wake you Sparks?  You look soooooo cozy.

  Frank and Lopo look a little bored.  Ah, it's pretty hot outside.  Good time for a cat nap.

 Mia says "I'm not bored."

 New cat Nami doesn't quite know what to make of this group.

 Eliza finds a nice cool spot.

 Write your own caption for this picture of Lopo and send it to us.  

 More lounging a la Grace

 Bentley doesn't seem all that interested in the peacock feather.

 OK, now he's sees it.

 Old blue eyes.

 Miss Wilson loves this little hidy-hole.

 Our dream girl Minka.  Sooooo sweet and beautiful.  She has the cutest little mew.  

 Rosabelle taking an afternoon siesta.

 Our up for adoption cat Fraggle is so laid back that you can hang him upside down and he doesn't seem to care.  

Hey is he sticking his tongue out at me???

 Mia in the background seems to want to get into the act.
Come on someone, give Fraggle a home.

 Bubba in his favorite spot.

 Venus' big eyes.

 Rainy (short for Rainier) is such a big lovely cat.  He loves the carpeted kuboda. 

Sasha enjoys a little outdoor time on the window veranda.

 I was looking all over for Macy and here she is behind my computer. What are you doing back there Macy?  Come on out silly girl.  She's actually very friendly.  

Settie and Chief quite content sharing a basket.

And last but not least, here is Greywacke going "wacky" over a catnip toy.

 We had a wonderful weekend with your kitties.  Most are going home tomorrow but I think they had just as much fun on their vacation as their humans.  Thank you.    

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