Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22

Here's baby Esmeralda! 

Grrr... She's so ferocious!  Watch out world!

High five!

Ahh good, the computer guy is here.  Tiger helped me fix the computer this morning.

"Mmm yes, I see the problem. Not enough cat hair."
Kali soaking up some rays!  She's such a pretty cat.

Lopo, do you need something?

More cuddles? I can do that.

Frankie is investigating something.

Millie has had such a long day.

Larry has got the perfect sun bathing spot.

Lopo is such an amazing cat, he's too sweet.

Marie's cat, Charles, is taunting all the cats stuck inside the cattery.

Chloe came down for some lovin'!

Sam strutting his stuff.

Chloe and Sam getting to know each other a bit.

And plop!  Chloe really digs this toy.

Frankies doing it too!

Bentley and Frankie =) I love these two.

What a handsome cat you are Sam!

He knows he's cute too.

Chloe's not too fond of the outside.

Aww Swirly!  He's found a nice spot up above so he can keep a lookout.

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