Monday, July 14, 2014

 Cool Cats are staying cool in the best ways they know how...  

Living in perfect harmony!

 Courageous Kona peeks her head out from her private perch to see who's there.

Miss Junebug is such a petite thing!  She loves having her face rubbed too.

Chatty gabby stands at attention.

Ari likes to try out new spots and takes Marie's desk chair for a spin.

Lovely Mason is situated in a prime location in front of the AC.  

You're adorable, Mittens!  

Look at you!

Bear, did we wake you from your Siesta?

Maggie would like some attention, please!  
She has the most arresting gaze.  

We find Nyar in the same place as before-- the coolest section of the catio. He knows all the best spots!    

Tiger likes equal proportions of shade and sun.  

Yana likes to lie in a lot of shade and a tiny bit of sun.  

Little Bit, you always look so cozy in your cabin!

Mittens fallows us outside because she knows we've got more pets and chin rubs to give out.

We wouldn't hold out on you, Mittens!

Samson and Tiger are big Tom Cats who are always on the prowl!

Fiona is a confident kitty who seldom strays far from her brother, Eiger. She's got to look out for him!

Stay Cool, Everyone!

Your blog hosts, Miles and Allison

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