Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24

Pywackie getting ready to chow down

Look at that pretty little face!

Lincoln just came in this morning and he seems to have settled into his bed nicely.

Tiger has been in front of the computer screen all morning! Finally he's getting ready for a nap.

Grendel is such a sweet boy.

How gorgeous is Sabrina?

Lady T is soo sleepy she can't keep her eyes open!

Kali's about to fall asleep as well.

Maxwell all sprawled out. Such a cutie!

*Sniff sniff* this condo smells very interesting to Eiger!

Gigi posing for the camera.

Chloe in her favorite spot.

Haha Fiona and Eiger seemed so surprised! Chloe jumping down from her perch.

Beautiful Cooper!

Elsa staying warm inside.

Summer is just too cute!

Maddox being a total flirt.

High paw!

Ozzie nice and cozy in his warm bed.

We have a lot of black and white kitties right now. This guy is Oscar.

Look at that smile on Spike's face!

Who's up there Maddox?

Brother and Sister Indie and Badger just got here this morning and seem pretty comfy in their condo.

Sushi just wants to be pet all the time!

And so does Maggie! We have so many sweet kitties right now.

Millie looks like she's trying to escape! Good thing we have the double doors!!

Yana was pretty interested in my camera.

Junior just LOVES being outside. He never wants to come in.

Tiger Bird is another kitty that just loves the outdoors.

Little Bit has been following me around trying to get me to pay attention to her

Nyar loves these kitty cabins.

Cute little Elsa =)

Chloe venturing outside.
I heard some mewing coming from outside. It was Domino sitting on the other side of the window veranda!

Domino, what are you doing? Silly girl!

"Let me in!!!"

Have a wonderful day all!

Your blog host - Ellen

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