Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26th

Tiger has moved from the chair to directly in front of the computer screen, blocking my view. Psh, who needs to see what they're doing?

Lincoln found a lovely window box to hang out in.

Grendel is wondering where dinner is?

Lady T may look unhappy but in reality, she is SO happy to have this warm weather.

Sabrina in her favorite spot. She's such a cutie.

Gigi loves the comfort of her basket.

Chloe doesn't have much of a preference where she naps as long as she gets attention!

Fiona watching over her brother.

Look at those toes! Eiger looks pretty cozy.

Beautiful Settie also loves to hang out in her condo.

Gorgeous Cooper guarding the top of the stairs.

Maggie loves her condo. She's a very confident cat but you are pretty much guaranteed to find her here whenever.

Doesn't it look like Millie's wearing eyeliner? Maybe she will give me some tips!

Stanley has the prettiest eyes.

Stanley whining about what's taking dinner so long.  I'm working on it, buddy!

Ozzie thinks it's too darn hot.

Spike is the sweetest boy. He follows me from condo top to condo top wanting some cuddles.

"Talk to the paw!" ~ Summer
Maxwell exploring the outdoors.

Badger is such a cute kitty. The green condo matches their eyes.


Maxwell is pretty cute next to those flowers.

Junior is just the coolest cat. He's so chilled out.

Yana trying to keep cool outside.

That doesn't look too comfortable but if you say so, Nyar!

It's impossible to get a picture of Tiger Bird! He's always on the move.

Look at the whiskers on Little Bit!

Maddox trying to escape.

What giant paws you have, Maddox!
Sushi sound asleep.

Okay, maybe not...

Indie found a room with a view!

Cute little Oscar nice and cozy.

Happy Saturday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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