Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10th 2014

We Love Summer!!!
Everybody was hanging out outside today, the catio was full of basking cats!

Siblings Nyar and Yana love hanging out together

Elegant Elsa has been spending her days and nights outside since we gave her run of the cattery

Tana looks so awesome in the sunlight

Lady Penelope's owner lets us know how much she likes to be outside, so we made sure she had some quality basking time

What's up Junior? you look like one relaxed cat

Maggie is a huge talker, she always fills the catio with sweet little meows

Tana decided to give me another elegant pose

I don't think Little Bit cares too much about elegance, I think she's just trying to be comfy

Kashi is trying be very serious, but I don't know how well it's working out

I caught Bear grooming, which he must really keep up for that awesome coat! 

Samson briefly poked his head out of the cool little nook he's found

Millie just keeps it cool

Smokey is such a sweet cat! it was actually hard to get a picture of him, because he usually just walks up and nuzzles me

Little Roseabelle was having herself a fine little nap

I try to go out with a toy in the catio pretty often to give the cats some fun. Some will chase, some will watch, but sometimes they get really into it!
Bear gave us a really good show...

Where was GiGi for all this? She was happily asleep

So was Krancis...

Eiger and Fiona just like to hang out, they have a cool little spot right by the stairs!

Mason and Gracie are excellent company in the office, they just love getting attention

Gracie, clever cat that she is, has figured out that the computer desk is a great place to get people-time


Yuki and Hana were from all the heat, these two are usually all over the office climbing and playing!

Greywackie and King Fergus were both super shy when they came in, but they have turned out o be the most affectionate pair of guys!

The majority of this blog was produced with King Fergus hanging out on my lap

Ms. Wilson is their older sister, so it's actually pretty easy to see why they're so sweet

And how could I leave out silly little Pywackie?

Last but so very far from least, we have a pair of unrelated tortoise cats, Gabby right above and Gemma right below, and they bring a whole lot of energy to the office!

Blog today by Miles, who will have you know that soaking up sun and playing with cats is about as good as it gets!

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