Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31st

Chief, aren't you just the most handsome kitty?!

Lady T hanging out in her bed.

Rufus is so sweet, though, I don't think he liked the camera flash too much.

Nomnomnom. Palu chowing down.

Coco just loves the safety and comfort of her carrier.

Cooper loves the top of the stairs. I think maybe next time we should get her a condo up there!

Gigi nice and cozy

Chloe is such a happy kitty! Look at that smile.

Mittens just got here this morning and is already settled into her favorite spot.

Adorable Jackson!

Settie! She's so cute and sweet.

Her brother, Stanley, has the silliest expression!
Now that's the face of a real troublemaker! Maxwell =)

Trouble really doesn't live up to his name, he's so sweet.

Thumbs on the other hand, does! She's got extra toes!

Ozzie says it's too hot.

Summer doesn't seem to mind the heat though.

Indie posing for me.
"Heyyy buddy!" ~ Indy. Pancho doesn't seem too amused 
Badger had a lot to tell me about.

As soon as I grab the camera, Junior jumps up! I think he likes having his picture taken.
Jack Black being too cute.

Oscar hiding behind the bench.

He's so cute =)

Junior posing again.

Little Bit, that doesn't look to comfy?

Millie staying cool in the shade.

Hanging out with my Buddy, Tiger.

Maddox really seems to enjoy the outdoor catio.

Happy Friday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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