Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20th

Grace will always oblige an elegant pose.
Her price? Plenty of scratching

Speaking of elegance, Sindarin here has one of the coolest coats I've seen

Yana is just a cool cat, what more can I say?

So is Millie, I love her quintessential tabby stripes

 It can be hard to illustrate with pictures, but Jack Black was all over the place.
He's such a curious cat!

Little Bit has a penchant for the dramatic poses

Tiger Bird keeping cozy for the overcast afternoon

Roseabelle has invented a way to combine stretching and napping

Phil was following me around the catio while I took pictures, he's such a sweet little guy

Maddox and Maxwell are such a sweet pair, they spend the whole day together even when they wander around

Mittens is such a silly cat!

She loves playing around

Eiger really just likes to relax

Grendel has figured out the prime attention spot

Kona is elusive, we find her wandering on top of the condos, in other cats beds and always on the move

Lady Tschang, looks like she still has plenty of energy

We have another Tiger! This guy is a grey tabby and he is such a talker!

Sabrina is just an adorable little kitty

And Pywackie? just one silly kitty

Speaking of silly kittys, Fiona here loves climbing and perching on people.
So, Marie decided to snap a few when she climbed up!

What a sweet cat!

Blog today by Miles, still having a great time with all the kitties.

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