Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12th, 2014

Who Likes a Lazy Weekend?
I'm pretty sure all the cats do.  It was so hot out today, half the cats were napping

                                     Grace is staying cool in her window box

Pi is showing off her lovely French Tips

Macie is the spitting image of her sister, Gracie, but Macie has a black face and those exotic eyes

Little Graywacky, curled up like a squirrel with his tail around his nose

Gemma is a precious jewel.  Her jade eyes set her apart.

Someone just woke up from his nap.  Sorry, Leo!  

Eiger is a nice, new kitty, who is being adventurous and peeking outside his condo door

Eiger's housemate, Fiona, is such a lively girl when she's awake that she sleeps hard

Milly keeps a watchful eye on everyone from above

Ellen is getting some love from Marie's cat, Domino

Cutie-Pie, King Fergus snuggles his toy in his sleep

Yuki and Hana are Gemini kitties

Gabby strikes an authoritative pose.  She is the boss, afterall!

Doesn't Phil have the most striking amber eyes?  

Miss Elsa stretches out in the cool of the stairwell

 Mittens comes running to say "hello"

Kashi always looks so languid and relaxed in his tent

Lovely Grace looks on from the highest spot in the cattery

Haj has such a luxurious fawn-colored coat.  He knows it too!

Maggie is being a camelian today and is perfectly camouflaged with her furry bed.   
Where did she go?

Sammy always pokes his head out to say "hi"

Bear is on the prowl again

Caruso the pirate kitty has had enough of all these land lubbers!   

We just look at the cats at All My Kitties to know it's hot out...

The cats go flat when it's above 80 degrees!

Smokey likes to soak up some rays

Tana looks regal even when she's trying to nap

Lady Penelope loves her shady perch up high

Mia couldn't be more comfortable

Nyar and Yana have the right idea staying cool low to the ground

Gabby is a clever girl.  She found the air conditioner!

Have a happy Saturday and stay cool!

Your blog hosts, 
and Allison

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