Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16th

Little Junebug sleeping away

Pywackie looking over her domain.

Kona rushing over for her close up.

A rare quiet moment with Gabby.

Hana all nice and curled up.

Lady T just snoozing away.

Yuki seems a little displeased with me waking her from her nap.

Eiger chilling out.

Darling Fiona watching out for her brother.

(and soaking up all the attention)

Every time I walk by Mittens pokes her head out for some attention.

Awww yesss ear rubs!

Millie looks pretty comfortable.

Gorgeous Maggie.

Bear just hanging out in his condo.

Sleepy, sleepy Sherman.

Rosabelle showing off her long legs.
Mittens wants to make sure everyone knows how cute she is.

Pixel hanging out.

Yana in her favorite spot.

Nyar being adorable.

What a cutie Samson is!

All Little Bit wants is a nice lap and some attention.

Phil what are you doing with that tongue!


Little Bit, Pixel, and Mittens hanging out. Too cute!!

Grace just absolutely loves this spot. 

Sweet little Elsa. :)

Have a great day everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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